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Lately I have been getting a clunk noise when my left rear wheel goes over a pothole. And we have plenty of those in Adelaide.

I am wondering what it may be and what the likely repair is so I can determine if it's a self fix or dealer/mechanic fix. Is it simply a bush, or likely to be something more sinister?

Anyone had experience with this?

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Frustrating because it could a number of things - how about just taking it down to a suspension place independent of Lexus - pay your $20-30 for an inspection of shocks and brakes and see what they say? Just an idea. The other (unlikely, but possible) is a 'spot weld' issue. Some IS250s have a couple of spot welds in the C-pillar that can creak a bit. Quite rare but can happen to the IS250 (happened to mine - fixed by dealer under warranty). Dealer and I initially thought it was suspension related, but we got to the bottom of it, after pinpointing the noise (incidentally from the back left of the car, as I said in the C-pillar, but initially the sound felt like it was coming from the back left wheelarch.

'Clunk' maybe not the right word to describe - perhaps not - certainly didn't feel 'heavy', like anything with mass moving, more of creak/pop but a noticeable sound. Does it do it only on potholes. What about on sudden accel/decel? turning? braking hard?

Mine happened randomly, but was associated with acceleration from stand still and some potholes.

As I said, this idea is from leftfield (spot weld), but don't rule it out.

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Thanks Sapphire

It's a definate clunk/thump, like a mass movement as you put it, and only over potholes when there is a sudden movement of the entire wheel suspension assembly. At least that is what I am noticing.

Car is due for a service so will get Lexus to have a look and tell me what they think. May get an independant opinion first, then will know if the prognosis is the same and what the relative quotes are.

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hey bluey, i have the exact same issue with my is250. i happens on all 4 wheels after i changed my lowering springs. the rear however has a more noticeable clunk compared to the fronts. Anyone know why? Maybe i didnt secure the suspension properly? or could it be because i cut the bump stops (instructions for the springs told me to do so). Thanks

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as my question hasnt been asnwered yet

anything done to the car?

modification wise?

Nothing. It has done 60K km, and i have had since new in 2007. Saw a guy this afternoon that put int on a hoist for inspection and could see nothing obviously wrong in the lower suspension area, and suggeted taking it to OEM for checking as they may know of this issue and therefore know what needs to be done.

I have it booked for service later this week, so will get it checked by Lexus then.

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Had car serviced and had them look into this.

They have quoted me about $1200 to fix by replacing the shock absorber and the bush.

They also said it's not too bad (their opinion, they have heard worse!!!) and that they guaranteed there is nothing dangerous about it.

Don't want to part with that much cash, but hate the noise. Any idea how much it would be to fix at say Toyota or another service department??

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