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I do have this noise. Some ppl claim the noise is normal for IS250, but some say is abnormal. The best way is do is get Lexus to inspect the car. (Hm...but...do they normally say the car is normal?)

cars making this noise should be fixed under warranty from lexus

this is not normal

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There are other threads in the forum on exactly this topic. Have a read.... Related to a couple faulty VVTi controllers for memory. Fixed in vehicles post-2008 I understand. Still can be an issue for 05-07 makes. Mine did it - got it fixed under warranty. Not critical I understand, don't think its going to cause any abnormal wear on the engine - just sounds a bit unnerving. If your car is post-warranty period, then best to speak to your nearest Lexus dealer. If it was listed as a 'quality recall' (as opposed to a safety recall - there is a difference), then Lexus should still repair out of warranty. But don't quote me on that!

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