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A Professional Detail For The "f"


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Hi Guys,

Okay so I've had the "F" for 2.5 years now, quite a few hand car washes, washing it myself every two weeks and an expensive detail last year that left a lot of swirls. There was some grit on the polishing pad.

Anyway, for "normal" people they wouldn't really notice all the swirls, I noticed them but didn't think they were too bad.

How wrong I was, wait until you see it.

I decided to have a professional detail done on the paint only and engaged James from Auto Glamour in Brisbane.

12.5 hours later, wow, what a difference, the car is better than when it came out of the showroom. I'm really stoked with the result, James at Auto Glamour did an outstanding job.

Check it out.


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Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm very happy with the outcome.

Only one problem, I'm too scared to wash it in case I scratch it.

I bought some Zaino car wash, Zaino Z8, which I am very impressed with and some Poor Boys Spray and Rinse for the wheels and a better quality micro fibre cloth.

I've got to say, you notice the difference using a better quality product.

I'm going to try and look after it a lot better from now on, no more hand car washes for me, the two bucket method and light washing. BTW, bought a wee Gurni to get rid of the crap initially before I wash it, definitely makes a difference.

All the best


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