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New Hre P40Sc Wheels Installed


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Hi Guys,

Wheels finally arrived yesterday, got a chance to take a few pics today. Specs are 19x9 front and 19x10.5 rear in brushed tinted.

HRE finish is simply amazing. weight is around 9kgs - Car seems to handle, brake and perform a whole lot better. Running Michelins PSS 245 / 275










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Looks great Mike, wheels are fantastic. Can I ask the price of the tyres, you imported yours so I'm interested in the price difference. In fact PM me if you don't want to put it on here and I'll let you now what I paid for my 245/35 and 265/30 here in Oz.

I can't believe you reckon you can get 285/30 on the back.

Very nice, car's looking great.


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Thanks again fellows - much appreciated :rolleyes:

The tires were $276 each front and $304 each rear, shipping cost on 4 with FedEx Economy ( 5-6 days ) will be $353.41 for a total of $1,513.41 USD delivered.

If shipped 2 at a time the freight cost on the fronts will be $267.63 and for the rears $286.85 ( $554.48 combined)

I opted to get them 2 at a time to avoid duty + taxes and other clearence charges. Hope that helps. Cheapest I found in Aus was 550 each for front and 650 each for rear.

My fenders are rolled so theres still plenty of room to cater for bigger tyres. 295 in some brands were possible but the Michelins were too chubby.

Didn't want to compromise on the PSS.



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Recently brought in the same tyres from Tire Rack in the States. Brought all 4 in at the same time and paid AUD296 in duties, AQIS, etc. Total landed cost excl fitting was AUD1911. Reason I did it was because could not get a 275x30x19 locally, only 35 was available. BTW the rims look amazing, 10.5 rears must look pretty mean from behind the car.

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