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Question About 45,000Km Service

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I have a few questions

1) I live in Sydney and I am wondering how much is the service for 45,000 km?

2) In the past year or so, I only probably driven several thousand KM since I spent 1/2 of the time in oversea, can I opt to service it later, say next year or something? Because I feel it doesn't really justify for a service considering I have driven low KM and that I have serviced end of last year

3) My partner find the seatbelt alarm annoying whenever there is a beep beep sound until the sealt beat is on. Is there a way to disable it?


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1. Ring around... different dealers have different service costs.

2. Oils will degrade over time regardless of km travelled. It is still a good idea to get it changed. I never reach the 15,000km they expect every 12 months, but I still get my servicing done at the 12 month mark.

3. Probably the sensor under the seat, but it's a safety issue, so I'm not sure a dealer would disable it for you.

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1) I recently did a 45k km service at Lexus of Chatswood. Cost me about $570

2) From what others have said here, at minimum you should service the car once a year.

3) Yeah its annoying.. dunno how to fix that lol.

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Look at the sticky theres a disable for it

Sorry but whereabouts is the sticky, like in what part in the car?

By courtesy of Korvan:


It is possible to disable the warning chime that sounds whenever the driver or front-seat passenger unbuckles their seatbelt while the car is in motion. I find this annoying when entering the private estate where I live, as I have to unbuckle my belt for a long reverse into my driveway/garage.


1. Press the START button twice (without foot brake) to power up the system

2. Press the trip reset button couple of times until the ODO is displayed (not trip A or B)

3. Turn off the system again by pressing START again

4. Unbuckle the driver's seatbelt

5. Turn on the system again (press the START button twice without foot brake)

6. When the dash lights come on, press and hold the trip reset button for about 10-15 seconds (possibly longer if it doesn't work first time)

7. While still holding the trip reset button, buckle the driver's side seatbelt

8. The odometer display should read "b ON" or "b OFF" (toggle this with the trip reset button)

9. Process should be completed when you unbuckle or turn the system off

The setting is retained until changed again (by simply repeating the process).

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