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Desperate For A Spare Drivers Side Foglight And Or Headlight!

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Hi im new to the forums and new to my lexus also!

i just baught her but te drivers side fog light is terribly yellow and needs replacing,

just put new HID's in there to cover up the yellow but i still know its there and it bothers me. the same deal with the headlight.

i went to a spare parts place yesterday and they tried to charge me $125 for a piece of crap scratched foglight that wasnt even the same year model.

so please if anyone can help me i have a black is200 2000 model and will pay but nothing over the top like that!

thanks heaps

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Lexus 200 2000 Drivers Side Fog Light NSW

One car for sale in the Bega Valley NSW ask they may know where to source the part


thanks for the advice, but when i search i can't find anything an is200 in bega valley on gumtree.

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Step 1: Remove and put in oven for 15 minutes. Seperate two halves.

Step 2: Polish. Re-assemble.

Step 3: Put back into car.


ive been told not to touch the inside of the protective screen on the foglight, is that not true?

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You shouldn't touch the globe part, the reflector part is just vacu-chrome plated plastic. I'm assuming the plastic outer part (on the inside face) is all that needs to be polished, which you can go nuts with.

thanks very much ill give it a go ASAP and let you know how it turns out :)

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