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Rx 350 Exhaust Noise

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Hi there,

I have recently bought RX350 2010 used from Blackburn dealership..and I believe it makes terrible noise than normal...other RX 350...when you start the engine there is loud noise from exhaust..and even when u drive on slow ks..its bit liuder than normal..I went to dealership and they said its same as other...its freaks me out..we tested 2 rx and they were different noise level..,ine is just 38000 ks and 2 year old and too much noise..its not lexus standard...finally they did some settings in heat resistant and said its all good now..but still the car is same...too loud..I have asked them to replace the exhaust and muffler and they said they will check with head offfice if they ca replace under warranty...

lets see what will happen...very bad service from balckburn dealership...

has anyone got the same problem... pls advise??

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can you hear a difference from the outside?

or just inside?

iv never really had any noise issues with our RX's

though our last Rx350 @ 110K kms was still was quiet as

but i actually want the opposite the cars too damn quiet lol wanna hear some V6 growl

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