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2005 Rx 330 Service Alternative

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I take mine to Del's Autos in North Perth. They're definitely not fancy, but they are competent and very honest. If there's something they can't do in-house they'll tell you rather than muck about with your car.

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I'm not in WA but can tell you what I did.

I have a 2005 RX330 that has always been service by the local dealer here in Brisbane. When it required a 70K service at the end of last year we decided to take the car to Motorama Toyota. They are a local dealer with a service department only 3 kms from where we live. I’ve never faulted the Lexus dealer’s service but in these price conscious times it was time to look elsewhere.

The 70,000k service involves filters, fluids and a general once over. On top of the standard service the mechanic discovered that the brake fluid was dirty and the air con filter needed changing. I was told that the air con filter was unavailable and that one would need to be sourced from Lexus at a cost of $135.00. I told the guys to go ahead but then received a phone call saying the mechanic had recognised the filter as being the same as that used in the Toyota Kluger – cost $80.00. (Don’t let Lexus tell you these parts aren’t interchangeable – most of them are). The total cost for the 70,000k service was $385.00. The same service at Lexus would cost anywhere from $600 - $800 – possibly more.

As I said, I've never had any issues about the service from Lexus but just thought I would try something different. It all seemed to go pretty well.

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