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Aloc Dyno Day #2


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ALOC Dyno day #2

Location TBA

Time: Early till late (usually start around 9)

Cost: $50 per 3 runs

Okay boys it is officially on

ALOC dyno day #2

we are having a joint dyno day with the boys in the lexusownersclub too

so bring your mates

bring your partners

join in on the fun

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Sounds good. In the original description it says joint dyno day with boys from "this forum".

Is this posted somewhere else, i.e. , are there other forums/clubs attending? Just curious more than anything.

I think weekend would have stronger attendance?

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it would most likely be a weekend especially if it is to start at 9am. I don't think many people would take the day off work just to go to a dyno day.

I think Danny was meant to say it is a joint day with the Altezza owners.

And because I'm bored at the moment....

People who have shown interest or my interpretation of showing interest:




People who have said that they are in:







I'm in as well but I'd like to know a set date. Makes planning around it a bit easier.

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wink date will be set around late feb i just need to find a venue that aint dodgy

Hey D,

As a suggestion Mainline Automotive in Revesby, these guys make the dynomatic dynos. Speak to Todd, he does the Motor mag tuner challenges and all our ozaudi dyno days. Great guy and knows his stuff. Location can cater for 20+ cars as well.

Here's the link from our previous day 65 bucks for 2 runs.






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ok guys i think i have to move the date back to mid March

i need to go on a trip to Korea and USA for business

ill try to get stuff organized before i leave which is late feb

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theres fitness expo on the 19th (and the 21st) and IQON music festival is held on the 20th just letting throwing it out there incase other members are attending any of those. cant wait to meet you guys!

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