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Clean Head Lights

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Hey Guys,

I know the Soarer's have issues with the headlights turning yellow.. and so does the none quad-light Starlet GT. (of which i own)

I was wondering what you guys use to clean the head lights?

I have been told a Cut & Polish does the trick.. so i tried that but its alot of work of which didnt last very long.. i was wondering if there was a more permanent solution you guys use on your Soarers?


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There are heaps of things you can do to them.

Polishing and sanding have already been mentioned... so heres some more =P

One of the most common (unfortunately also the hardest!) fix is to heat up the light assembley so that the gooey seal goes.. gooey. You can then split them and clean them from the inside out! A cut polish works well here. Then you can reseal them to your liking! (You can also protect against the leaky-water problem here).

Another quick job which works well is to pour metho (or window cleaner) in through the indicator hole. Give it a swish and pour it out. Leave in the sun to dry.

I do this every couple of months. Combined with a cut polish 2ce a year and they look dandy!

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I hit mine with some metal polish and an old rag or something with a little grit to it. The come up with a real shine and look fantastic afterwards

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