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The New Ls Pre Launch Exclusive Sydney Event


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Ladies and Gents,

Last night Lance and I was privledged enough to attend the exclusive Sydney City Lexus Pre Launch of the new LS460 and LS600h before its official release at the motor show this weekend.

At first glance the elegance of the two vehicles is just amazing. The refinement and attention to detail is amazing. Only spending an hour between the LS600 Fsport and the LS460 luxury, i must say i do much prefer the F-Sport package and im sure many other people at the event would agree. The luxury model seems to be lacking a little something. Dont get me wrong, im not taking anything away from the Luxury model. But the F-Sport is a definite winner for me be it 460 or 600. The Flagship model has great potential both inside and outside the car to become "The Worlds Car Of The Year" again!!

As i said we only got an hour or so to spend between the cars and to be honest to find out where all the extra money goes into buying the premium LS was hard to see at first glance. This is comparing it directly with the recently released GS. They are very very similar in interior and design. I went to the GS pre launch and though im yet to drive the LS, it didnt "awe" me as much as the GS. (is this because the GS was the first new gen i saw??? Maybe??) BUT i did expect more from the LS. Considering you would spend an extra 100k or more between LS and GS, within the first glance i did expect ..... More!! The road test has alot to answer for!

Officially Launched at the end of the year and available from Feb next year, I cant wait to drive one and give you my updated opinion on this milestone for the new LS.

The LS460 4.6L v8 and 285KW of power, is just looking so nice and pretty knowing there is an absolute animal under the tight sexy dress, with its sexy LS600h sister with Massive Torque and 327kw are just waiting to be taken home and shown a good time, and im sure you will not be disappointed.

Some Stand out features

-Driver fatigue monitor

-5 mode Drive Mode Select. (eco, comfort, normal, sport and sport+)

-Blu ray player

-12 LED turn signal

-Auto high beam

-Shaped LED fogs

-Nanoe Moisturising quad zone climate control

-Sports tuned air suspension

-Torsen Limited Slip Diff

-6 piston Brembo Brakes

-Sports Mufflers Sports stabiliser bars.

And much much more, The All wheel drive elegant monster is just waiting to be unleashed. I cant wait for first drive to see if it stands up to its older siblings name "World Car Of The Year"

Lance and Jake will be able to provide their perspectives on the new milestone too.

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In some ways, the LS460 is an evolution of the 2006 LS. That's not so surprising, given that the previous LS was awarded "World Car of the Year" - only technological innovations over the last six years could improve on something that was near perfect. Having said that, there are over 300 improvements on this model.

One of the more obvious improvements are the headlights. The DRLs have the now-familiar L-swoosh, but in the form of a consistent white line, rather than a series of LED dots. Rather than copy the Germans, and turn DRL's into an opportunity to channel Salvador Dali into car design, Lexus have finally made DRLs look sophisticated.

The rear entertainment system now includes not only a screen that folds down from the ceiling (just like on some Qantas jets), but a rear Blu-Ray player. The centre rear seat folds down to reval a massive array of switches for seat heating, ventilation and rear audio controls.

The F Sport hybrid puts a sportier face onto the LS, combining LS size and GS-like style in addition to performance. There might be a battery in the boot, but there's still space for a full-size spare. As Chris pointed out, it's a little difficult to pinpoint further LS F Sport interior features over those found in the new GS, but we'll be sure to update you when we know.

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It was a suitably elegant event. Great weather especially for the boat ride from Rose Bay.

A huge number of Lexus LS have been bought over the years by the people present on the night. It was great to hear how positive their reaction was to this car.

The increase in choice of LS spec & models means it will be a better LS for more people.

Most different from a previously typical LS is the new LS600 F-sport which is now short wheelbase like an LS460. That's the one I can't wait to drive.....hopefully against some competitors in a place where we can stretch their legs and see what they've got.

Glad you both could make it. It's a good opportunity to met some Lexus Australia staff and ask some questions.

One thing I got from the night is I can't wait for the new IS. That's a launch to looks forward to.

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Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you for making the time and effort to attend our exclusive LS viewing at the Deckhouse on the 16th October. The event was a tremendous opportunity to introduce myself and be your host, I truly hoped you enjoyed our hospitality on such a beautiful night on Sydney Harbour.

As a memory of the night, we captured some gorgeous photos that can now be seen on our facebook page. If you would like to view, simply follow this link to Facebook.

The Sydney City Lexus team and I will ensure we provide you will all the latest information on the LS range as required, with pricing to be confirmed next week.


Grant Barling | Managing Director

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