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Thanks guys, appreciate the warm welcome.

I've got a couple of ideas for mods at the moment but am a bit warry about voiding warranty/warranties as there is still about 3 years more to go on the vehicle..items on my to do/consider list in no particular order:

  • Hack Nav system (How annoying!!!)
  • Cold air intake
  • Coin tray (Should be a 5 min job)
  • Finding a better use for the ash tray (I'm a smoker but never in the car!)

Will probably do the things on this list that doesnt void the warranty and then take it from there...

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Well theres a NAV Hack module that you can use

F sport Cold air intake if you want to keep the engine bay looking close to stock

Coin tray (i just usualy use the centre cup holder

And for ash tray u can get a Toms Sunglass holder that goes inplace of your ash tray

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