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First Service Questions


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Hi all,

I am due for my first service and have booked Chatswood next Friday. Just want to confirm what is done on the first service? Is it just a simple oil change?

Also am I able to request no test drive be performed? The car has like <3500km's and nothing is wrong. As with my past car I didn't let the dealer test drive it on the first service due to some bad stories I have heard where apprentice mechanics take cars out for a hoon.

Thanks all B)

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No replies?

Yes, I believe an oil change and everything checked.

Here in Brisbane, the apprentices aren't allowed in the ISF's, head mechanic only for test drives.

That's what I've been told anyway, no reason not to believe them.


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Finally got around to dropping my car off for the first service at Chatswood Lexus. Couldn't praise the Chatswood Lexus service team more (Sid, Justin and the crew) for taking the extra effort to be extra careful with my car as it was just detailed and I am super pedantic.

I didn't service my previous cars at dealers since they usually do a sloppy job at best. But I will certainly be returning to Chatswood for all services!!! Big thumbs up :D

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