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Abs Fault In 1990 Toyota Celsior (Lexus Ls400)

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Hi Steve2006

I checked all the codes and there was none so upon that i started checking the speed sensors and lo and behold when i got to the right front there was no speed sensor. So the wrecker yard calling commenced and finally after much agonising i found one for $100, stuck it in and no more lights on dash yippeee.

Next thing...

I have sourced some leather seats from a 1990 celsior which is the same one i got the sensor from, are they a direct bolt in from the original material seats i have in there now?

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I've never heard of one completely missing before! I have some spare ones and would have sent you one for the cost of the postage if you had asked.

Yes the seats are plug and play, I don't know if the velour seats you have in at the moment are heated and even some of the leather ones aren't ( mine aren't) but the rest of the plugs and sockets should match straight up.

I would disconnect the battery before disconnecting the plugs under the seat as there are airbag detectors in there.

The seat mountings will be the same but leave the battery connected until you have removed the seat mounting bolts as you will have to move the seat forwards and backwads to get to them all.

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