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2007 Rx350 Cargo Cover :o

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Hi All,

I am new to the forums and I have just bought a used 2007 black RX350

The car is missing the boot cargo cover, the one that pulls out to cover the boot, and I really want to replace it. I just called Lexus to ask how much it would be for a brand new one and I was shocked at the massive figure I got ........... :o $1300 :o

Obviously I am not going to pay that much for such a trivial part so I am wondering if anyone would know where I could source one, maybe even used.

I looked on eBay and there are a few that are reasonable priced but they're all in the USA. Does anyone know if the USA one would fit our Australian model without a problem?


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I would think the US one would fit perfectly. $1300 for the part locally is ridiculous!

There should not be any left hand drive specifics to the US market. You might just want to check some photos of the rear bench seat of US cars to make sure that the 60/40 split is on the same side as ours!

Reason being is that on the sliding boot cover there are actually 'tabs' that attach to the rear headrest posts

good luck

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