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Isf Residuals


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Hi new to the forum, owned an gs300 and gs430 in the past. Looking at a 2008 isf for $70k with 50km on it, just wondering how do people see the residual values of the isf going say in 2 yrs time with another 20km what price do u see it at. Will they ffall off like gs300 do. Or remain high like m cars? Is the rarity a factor?

Thanks guy

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Given they are a special model I don't expect values to fall off a much as regular cars. I think a drop of $20-30k would be something I would factor in.

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I'd guess less than $50k, personally. But I hope I'm wrong!

Hard to predict future demand, I'd expect it to be solid enough. A 2009 and a 2011 sold at the Pickles luxury auction easily last weekend so right now demand is good enough.

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thanks guys appreciate the response, so you guys reckon in 2014 a 08 car wit 70km be worth 50k? also do you find there is much demand for them when you are selling them?


To be honest I don't think a 6 year old ISF would be worth 50k. If you look on carsales in the research section they quote trade in/wholesale at between 52-58k now with 40-70,000km.

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