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Im a bit worried and Im not sure if its justified.

At first I acquired a 2000 Lexus IS200 with 147,000km and the 1GFE motor whatever it is. I wanted to change the oil basically just because. I was given advice to put fairly thick oil in because it had done a "lot" of kms. I settled on Penrite 40w-60 mineral oil but was not entirely comfortable with the decision so asked another mate. My other mate said it was probably a bit thicker than he would put in but should be ok and not wreck the engine.

Now at the 150,000km service I went to full synthetic 10w-50 which Penrite says "extra 10" and use this oil where 10w40 is recommended.

Basically in the owners manual it recommends either 5w30 for cimates between -29 degrees celcius to about 10 degrees celcius and 10W30 for -18 celcius upwards.

The climate where I live ranges from about 7 degrees in winter to about 43 degrees in summer.

I realise that oil has multi viscosity and lower numbers the thinner it is and that. The penrite site recommends 5W40 to be used where 5W30 and 10W30 are recommended. Im probably only going to use Penrite products unless someone says that its complete rubbish.

My two questions are:

1. Should I change to the 5W40 immediately?

2. Will the 10W-50 be ok till my next service at 160,000kms?

I guess I picked 10W50 because I didnt want the engine to burn oil cause its not a new car anymore. Any help would be appreciated.




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