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Wtb: Is200 (Brisbane)


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Hi all,

I am looking to purchase an IS200 in Brisbane (or surrounding areas). I took one for a test drive last week and know that I have found my next car!

Ideally, it would need to be automatic and have less than 200,000 kms.

Am looking to spend about $10,000 but would be willing to go higher for the right car.

PM me or reply to this thread.



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$10k for a IS200 should be a pretty easy ask, but you'll still end up with a 1G-FE engine :ph34r:

Why not look for a Altezza with the 3S-GE ? An auto will be tougher to find, but at least it'll have the performance to match the rest of the car. Or a cheap IS300 if you're lucky.

You should be able to get this down to $10k :


A 2JZ-GE IS300 won't have been worked as hard as a 1G-FE IS200, and the 2JZ engine will last over 300k without major work required. The major service is at 150k (t-belt), so it's pretty cheap from then on right up to 300k.

Plus you get HID's, more airbags, nicer trim.

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Got a 1gfe turbo is200 its 6spd and has alot of reciepts. Looking for 12-14k

It does have 295500km but thats only chassis. And it is tidy as.

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hey mate. may not be exactly what your looking for if you still looking that is. but im selling my 2001 auto is200 sport (i think its a sport. leather and lsd but no sunroof) for $2000 as is. i crashed it the other day. needs a new rear diff cradle and a few other bits right rear like lower control arm and such. new wheels. new front bar and a few dents on the passenger side. can organise some pics. i dont have time to fix it nor the money. looking to sell whole unless i can get close to 2k in offers for parts.

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