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Clicking Mirror

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I recently bought a 2003 IS 200 with a few things wrong with it but most of them I have fixed in my spare time but lately I turned on my car to discover this horribly annoying clicking sound coming from the passenger mirror.

The mirror still works fine and I can change its direction but I don't have a clue how to fix this annoying sound.

Does anybody know what could be causing this and how to fix it?

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Just fixed this problem, For anyone having the same problem and looking for a solution what I did was popped open the drivers side mirror controls and cut the wire that joins to the switch which makes the mirrors close in.

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I had this exact problem with my passenger mirror. I figured someone must have knocked it on their way past. Basically your mirrors can fold in and out and when they are in the locked out position the motor keeps rotating making a horrid clicked. When i had the mirrors folded in the clicking stopped.

To fix the problem remove the passenger door card with 2 screws and pop the 8 or so plastic clips around the edge. Unbolt and disconnect the wiring from the mirror and remove the mirror from the car. Pop the mirror out of the housing and unscrew the whole assembly including the coloured plastic piece.

Once you do this you should see a little motor with a cog etc. im going to be quite vague now but see if you can see any movement or broken parts.

I cant remember exactly what it looks like and what we glued but i had my father in laws help. I can get back to you with more detail on the repair if you wish.

Basically the problem can be fixed with some patience and glue.

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I was going to do that Jack but I couldn't figure out how to get the mirrow off :p

As you said though when the mirror was folded in it stopped clicking so I just went ahead and severed the wire which allows the mirrors to be folded in by a switch and it did stop clicking while still allowing everything else to function but the fold in mirror switch of course.

I would recommend your method to anyone over mine as who wants to break something instead of fixing it haha? I just had no patience left after fixing the fans, clutch and replacing brakes.

I must admit though I'm VERY happy this stupid noise is gone now though haha!!!

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