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My diff oil was well overdue to be changed. Last time it did it was about 4 years/45K km ago. I used Castrol SAF-XA 80w140 as that's what we used at work in all the RWD Fords. I'd been contemplating what to use this time round. Had been looking at Redline but could decided on 80w140 again or 75w140. Since moving to Toyota & becoming a Motul dealer the question was answered for me. I put in some TRD/Motul Gear Competition 75w140. The factory Torsen LSD loves this stuff, its so smooth again. The Castrol was well past its use by.


Didn't replace the washers last time which made it a bit harder to get the plugs out hence the penetr8. Mind you if I'd had the right bit to fit on my 1/2" power bar it would have been a lot easier.

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