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Walking into the dealership this afternoon I was like a kid in a toy shop looking for that toy he's wanted all year for Xmas.

My first impression was, wow it looks... bigger! And hot!

It looks to sit lower but is actually higher, the rear door is longer giving the appearance of a bigger car.

Sitting inside the 350 F Sport for the first time I noticed that the front seats are grander than the 2IS Fsport and I just seemed to fit better. Tick

I'm 6'1 so in the 2IS you'd be lucky to get a 6 year old in the back seat behind my drivers seat, but in this, with my position set, I sat in the back and there is stacks of room for me with wiggle room. Tick.

Boot is massive and the folding rear seats are impressive, tick tick.

Taking for a drive I was impressed with the overall feel and blown away with the driving modes, it can be felt immediately switching from Normal to Sports +, it just feels tighter and more responsive. I wasn't able to really let loose, but could feel the potential.

Damn happy with my purchase!

One thing, who ever comes up with a mod to remove the headlight washers let me know.

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Essentially it came down to the extra power. Having driven a 250 for the past 5 years, I was always wanting that little bit more.

I've driven the 350 as a service loan car and made the decision then.

I was thinking about the hybrid but I put power over fuel saving.

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  • 1 month later...

Just wanting to give a little update on the past few weeks of driving the new 3IS. I have discovered a few little annoyances, but can easily be forgotten by the way this car drives and handles.

The small negativities, are just that. They are small but annoying. Firstly, while the boot is bigger, the issue is that the boot hinges are not hidden therefore when you go to close the boot it hits anything in its way and will not close. The 2IS had a perfect set up.

Secondly, i know i have mentioned it before, but the positioning of the cup holders is ridiculous. I, like anyone, enjoy a coffee or a bottle of water, but don't try to use the remote touch at the same time there is something in the cup holders. The positioning is very poor and awkward.

This leads into my next point; where the cup holders are positioned, it makes for such a small centre console storage. With an iPod and sunglasses stored inside, there is almost no more room for anything else. And getting anything out is also awkward. It doesn't slide all the way back like the 2IS.

Having said that the car is an amazing piece of machinery. After only 1500km on the clock, i am blown away every day by how much of a step up it is on the 2IS by the way it handles, the technology, speed, brakes, comfort etc etc etc. The 2IS is an amazing car, i loved my '08 250 X for 5 years, but the improvements are too good to ignore.

I took it out early this morning for a drive up to Wisemans Ferry (strongly recommended), switch into sports mode+ and it was ready to take on the winding roads. It easily pounces on a slow truck and effortlessly gets around; out of every corner is quick and ready for the next one. Oh and that sound is just beautiful. It is so deep and throaty.

The driving seat position is perfect and super comfortable, especially the F Sport seats. They hug you perfectly with very little if any roll at all.

Above all the little negatives and annoyances, it is an amazing car and definitely no regrets in the upgrade.

I am amazed that I am not seeing them on the road yet. I've seen only one other in Sydney on Friday; that's it. It would be interesting to see the numbers they are selling and how they compare to the 2IS.

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I'm yet to see one in the flesh yet, get some pics up.

GGPIS300 why would anyone want a 300h? 350 FTW! Buy a BMW 320d if you want fuel economy

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Sweet Ride FrankyX. My issue is that the wife wants the Sports Luxury and i want the F Sport. She doesnt like the grill. I know its going to be her car but i will see if i can convince her.

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Sweet Ride FrankyX. My issue is that the wife wants the Sports Luxury and i want the F Sport. She doesnt like the grill. I know its going to be her car but i will see if i can convince her.

Why not consider the F sport with EP2, that way you get all the sport luxury extras with the comfort of the F sport seats and Sports+ mode.

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Sweet Ride FrankyX. My issue is that the wife wants the Sports Luxury and i want the F Sport. She doesnt like the grill. I know its going to be her car but i will see if i can convince her.

It's not quite obvious (due to different specifications overseas, and overseas media reports online outnumbering Australian ones) but the Sports Luxury in Australia, like the F Sport, actually has the Sports S+ mode with Adaptive Variable Suspension and Variable Gear Ratio Steering. So you *can* own the Sports Luxury and still have the sports-oriented performance of the F Sport - although it will cost you more.

The main differences between F Sport with Enhancement Pack 2 and Sports Luxury are:

- SL has the less aggressive grille with foglamps

- Different exterior paint selection

- The usual differences in interior trim - metallic garnish and pedals in F Sport versus woodgrain (now faux in 3IS) in SL

- SL has an electric rear sunshade

- F Sport has perforated leather accented sports seats

- F Sport has the LFA-style meter - although it's functionally much the same as the Sports Luxury

- SL has two rear seat airbags

- SL costs an additional $4000 + stamp duty

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Does the F Sport have the Lexus Park Assist, lane departure warning and Radar Cruise Control.

Park Assist (sensors and monitor) is standard on IS 350. ACC and LDW are available in Enhancement Pack 2. As noted above, a spec'd-up F Sport would only miss the sunshade, fogs and rear airbags in Sports Luxury. along with cosmetic differences.

If i can spec up a F Sport but have most of the SL features then F Sport is the way to go.

But if the Missus prefers the SL, then get the SL, make her happy and miss out on nothing but F Sport cosmetic trim! :D

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Car looks sensational Franky! They look smashingly hot in Black!

I took a 350 F Sport for another spin on Saturday morning (have put down a deposit for one but am waiting for 2014 build) and I can't wait now!

Very, very impressed with the new generation. Everything that I thought could've been improved upon in my 2IS 350 F Sport has been improved or enhanced. FINALLY get ventilated seats and the 3 flash lane change indicators! They were 2 things that I really wished my last one had...

I also love the remote touch. Have liked it in every other Lexus model I've driven and have found it very easy, comfortable and straight forward to use. I also like that the screen now won't be covered in unsightly fingerprints :) (I'm massively OCD with my cars, which goes without saying being a car detailer by trade).

There are, however, some little things that I don't like in the new 3IS compared to the last....

The engine bay doesn't look half as neat without all the plastic coverings. I loved the way the 2IS engine bay was finished off and it was extremely easy to keep clean.

The door seals around the kick panels/scuff plates also don't appear (visually) to be finished off as well either. I liked the way the rubber seals in the last model looked - very, very neat! Although, I'm more than happy to forego those of the last model if it means no more door chattering!

The other thing was the lower door panels that no longer have the flip out pocket and the soft touch rubbery covering - it's just scratchy plastic that feels like it may mark easily if scuffed with shoes etc. but is neither here nor there really.

Apart from those 3 small things, I thought EVERYTHING was MASSIVELY improved. The interior makes that of the 2IS look very old and dated by comparison. The seats are awesome in the F Sport and still impressive in the other variants. I'm in love with the LFA inspired speedometer and the Mark Levinson sound system sounds marginally improved too :)

I loved the Eco/Normal/Sport/Sport S+ settings and the car rides so much nicer than the last - I thought it almost felt more saloon/large car in terms of ride comfort, yet very planted and nimble. I love it - perfect in my opinion!

I've ordered a 350 F Sport in White (Nova) again with the Dark Rose interior - I love the contrast of different coloured seats against the otherwise all grey interior. I've also opted for Enhancement Pack 2 - no use spending that much on a car and not ticking all the boxes is the only reason for getting that :D

I'm looking forward to seeing one on the road - haven't seen any about down here in Tassy yet apart from dealer cars and the ones I've taken for a test drive....

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Awesome, ISF-350 ... Congratulations on your purchase!

I know you are waiting for a 2014 build, so you won't pick it up until January or February. If you wanted the same specs (including colour) ASAP, do you know how long you would have needed to wait? (I'm guessing somewhere between November and January.)

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I paid my deposit in late July and have been told in order to get one with January build date that I would need to give the go ahead to the dealer around mid-December.

Going by that it should be built early January and then arrive early February.

I was told back in July that I could of had a white 350 F Sport with the red interior within 3-4 weeks but I'm not sure if that had the Enhancement Pack 2 or not.

I don't know what stock is floating around (or on the water) that dealers can grab - but I've been assured its approximately 10-12 weeks to order one from factory.... I just hope that there's no tsunami this time round - my wait blew out to almost 8 months with the last one because of it!

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