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3Is Drive-Away Price. Are You Trading In Your 2Is?

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I just test drove the new IS (350 F sport). I like it, it looks more refined and aggressive than my 2IS (350 F sport too). No need to mention about the gauge and the new interior design, its brilliant.

But... am i trading in my 2IS for this at this point. Nope.........

Not sure if the demo car is still breaking in or not, i could somehow
feel its kinda sluggish. And yes, i could actually feel the extra weight
as well. Having said that, the cornering is better than mine tho. Also, the Sport
mode works as well ( i could feel the difference straight away).

For members whose have ordered the 3IS 350 F-sport, would you mind to
share the deal price?
The rep quoted me 81k drive away (with sunroof).
If so, the change-over of my deal would be around 30k (presuming they
can give 50k for my car). Mine is 11 model, and its relatively new and
good condition. Is that 30k worth? For me, maybe NOT. I would think about if the change-over is 20k (i know am dreaming haha)

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Wait 1-2 years, and you can drive away at brand new $65k easily ( assuming you buying 2013 plate at year 2014/2015 ). So many new car at this current market ( considering A45 , CLA45 ). Im not saying new IS is crap, but lexus is having a tough competition here.

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In my experience, how they valued my car was jump on redbook.com. Total BS price so if your looking to get the 3IS, you maybe better off selling your car privately and and purchasing that way.

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Like i said, if the change over is 30k, its no way i will trade it in.Considering am not that impressed after the test drive. especially for 0-100 acceleration. I feel that my car is even faster on that. So, practically, (if i do trade in) that 30k is just for the new look, gauge, and better handling. I can't justify to spend 30k on these. Any forum member here is at the same situation?

btw......there is still no drive-away price been shared here. Anyone ?

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Like i said, if the change over is 30k, its no way i will trade it in.Considering am not that impressed after the test drive. especially for 0-100 acceleration. I feel that my car is even faster on that.

I did a bit of desktop research in my lunchtime ...

The second-generation IS 350 had an official 0-100 km/h time of 5.6 seconds. This has stretched to 5.9 seconds with the 3IS.

But the official 0-60 mph (96.6 km/h) times for each car remain unchanged, at 5.6 seconds.

Using stock tyres, the 2IS could (theoretically) redline in second gear and reach exactly 100 km/h. In comparison, the 3IS redlines in second gear at about 98 km/h. So you either have to change to third gear to hit 100 km/h, or rev past 7000 rpm, when you've already passed peak power at 6800 rpm.

I suspect the final drive ratio for the new 8-speed transmission has been chosen for revheads in the US, who prefer to measure acceleration using 0-60 mph times. Using stock tyres, you can comfortably hit 60 mph (96.6 km/h) without redlining or changing into third gear.

This is, of course, desktop research, and an extended test drive might be able to prove me right or wrong ...

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Well I suppose it is all relative to what you feel and expect. Me, i was coming out of a 2IS 250, therefore hoping into a 3IS 350 is a significant improvement in power. From a 2IS 350, which i have driven as loan car, the 3IS does seem a little big sluggish compared but am going to hold my judgement for now.

People may say that modern engines do not need the same break in as the older ones, but there is something about a modern car with 10,000km on it as opposed to less than 500km. I will hold my judgement until the first service and feel that there is nothing more to get out of the car.

Yes the 3IS is slightly heavier (65kg); and with the same times (0-60mph). i can assure you that you are getting so much more than a new look, handling and instrumentation. I thought the same initially, it was going to be a dressed up, quicker version of my previous car (2008 2IS IS250X), but it is so so much more.

Also note, that the change over is not going to get any better. The more you wait, the more your current car will depreciate and i am sure they will hold pricing on the 3IS firm while the demand is there for at least the next 6-12 months. Unfortunately cars don't make money. May be better off selling privately.

I secured mine for a pretty good price. I wasn't bothered with the hassle of selling privately and I ended up trading in and played around with the final figures, but this was the initial price i was given drive away for a IS350 F Sport with moonroof in starlight black.

Good luck :)

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Hi FrankyX. congrats for your new ride. Also, thx for the info, and great points.

hm...actually if the price is still staying at high 70k next year, i might consider other options (S3, CLA45 AMG, A45).

Mine was 71k drive away btw........its 11 model. The first 2IS was released in 2006 right? So, Lexus is stripping off 1.3k from the initial

price each yr lol.

We have had only one 3IS (350F) owner on this forum so far ?

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Yes, the reps are only being given a guide to work with. Most of the time they wont have to negotiate much at all due to the demand. I know the rep you are talking about and he wasn't too impressed when i said that i bought elsewhere, but hey, gots to look after oneself.

Also, with the falling dollar, i would only expect pricing to edge higher if the dollar gets back to 80c.

I also thought of the CLA45, but it is a much smaller car and not really a direct comparison. The 3IS was a winner for me and a no brainer.

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noticed a steady increase of 2IS 350's on carsales so id say some are (from around low 60's to high 70's), which is great for me as I am looking to pick up a 2IS 350 up soon ;)

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