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2002 Lexus Is200 Bought Today!

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Hey guys!

I just joined this forum today as about 8 hours ago my mum bought a 2002 IS200 in Black with the I6 1G-FE...

Just some background on me so you can get an idea of who I am:

I am 15 years old and I live in Auckland, New Zealand, I am very into cars and mentally know my stuff but with my mums previous car being a 1993 Toyota Corona and before that a 199x Nissan Sentra, I have never had the ability to do anything myself...

When I am older my dream is to have a 1200HP TT Toyota Supra, and yes I have already got the whole parts list down to the Valve seal locks, but I am not here to discuss that, I am here to ask a few questions and get some knowledge about the IS200...

Unfortunately the car is an Automatic, because manuals get snapped up pretty quick by boy-racers and when they dont the owners chuck an extra $4,000 onto the price tag, so that was out of the question, but then again, my mum spends about 15-30 minutes every day sitting in traffic idling along, and apparently riding the clutch for that long isnt good anyway...

The first few things we (me and mum) are looking for the car is an exhaust (pretty grunty but not ridiculous) then some nice 17's or 18's, and maybe (if I can convince her) a turbo kit (between 250-350hp)... First things first though, I like to use Nengun.com, because the stuff is real cheap and i am used to the website, unfortunately they no longer have the IS200 as a option under vehicle choice, so the Altezza option will have to do for now...

The available chassis codes for the Altezza are JCE10 and SXE10, I do not know which model is which, but apparently my mums model is neither, so what one should i choose if any would be the same? I understand there are 2 different engines that come in the IS200 (the I6 and I4) But in the Altezza (and gita) there are 3 (I6, I4 and the god of all engines, the 2JZ) but those 2 options are for the I4 and the 2JZ, so will any exhaust made for those platforms(?) fit my mums?

Many thanks,


P.S: If you guys are going to get all smart and be dicks then dont bother replying, I got enough of that from the mkivsupra forums guys, not being rude but you know :)

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caleb firstly

welcome to the forums

how about introducing yourself in the right section before shooting off with questions

then alot of the members will help you out more

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You have a GXE10. The JCE10 is the IS300/AS300, and the SXE is the RS200 (3SGE Altezza RS200).

From a chassis point of view they should be pretty much interchangeable. Not sure on exhaust, but I think it may be just midpipe being unique to engine type.

The 1G-FE is an econobox engine. Yes, a turbo was developed by TTE but only because the 3SGE wasn't an option. It can be upgraded but an Altezza RS200 Z Edition is a better option in every way (except in Australia due to...).

Your efforts would be best served in improving either handling, luxury or noise. In handling, plenty of options for chassis braces, sway bars, springs or even coilovers. In luxury, go look at an early IS300 to see what's available (before they stripped out half the premium items and made them options). HIDs would be my first step, full pleather would be next. Noise is your exhaust choice and of course ICE.

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If your car has the factory (ick) 16" alloys, you can step up to the factory 17s pretty cheap (buy from TradeMe from an Altezza, then swap the centre caps with a yank trying to Altezzify their IS300), which I think are quite decent looking. Or if you want to upgrade your front brakes from your mkivsupra guys (TT fronts are 4 piston compared to the ISX00's 2 piston), you'll need to go Supra 17s or aftermarket with correct offset (or spacers if they're legal). IS250 wheels will give you the right offset and fill the guards a bit better without going hellaflush

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