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Celsior Registration/compliance Issue.

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Hi all,

I have recently purchased a 1990 Celsior which was previously registered in ACT, and looks like was imported through QLD (has a blue qld MOD plate).

I just ran the car over the Dickson pits to get inspected and was knocked back on a few things which i need clarification on. (i have pictures :) )


As you can see:

Nil English Tyre Placard

Nil English Tune Up Specs

Nil Vehicle Handbook with Child Restraint Handout

Below, pics of the "non english" stickers attached to my car:

Tyre Placard


Located on Underside of Bonnet 1


Located on Underside of Bonnet 2


Located on Underside of Bonnet 3


Located on Underside of Bonnet 4


I have just spoken to a friend who thinks it would have come in under the "15 year rule" (of which i dont really know the details) and they are just being pains in the bum....

i didnt get any original or import documentation with the vehicle, so he has suggested i go through QLD to see if they can supply so that i dont have to address these issues.

Otherwise, do i have to get these English stickers? and how do i go about finding them, and the "Vehicle handbook with Child Restraint Handout"

(i have just realised some of my pictures are rotated. Sorry)

Thanks Pals,


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No replies? :( that's a bit sad.


I definitely have to get these stickers in ENGLISH. one option is to go to Lexus and order them, the other is to have a Sticker shop print them off for me.

Can someone PLEASE take photos of the stickers pictured above on their LS400's and post them up here? I am pretty pro using drawing/design software, so it wont take long to have them all finished and ready to print.

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If the car was previously registered in QLD or another state then none of those things matter. The shop has done an 'engineering' check on your car rather than a check for roadworthy condition items as prescribed for registration purposes.

Take it to another shop.

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