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New Lexus Owner With 2010 Rx350


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Is there anyone out there who could shed some light on a concern of mine.

I love my 'new' to me Lexus however I have experienced some steering pull (left and right) when driving on uneven roads (bumpy).

There is no problem on smooth surfaces and only appears when the road surface is uneven. It appears to

be a problem with any speed and it appears very obviously when I touch the brake - even a gentle tap. This is

the first time I have ever experienced this with a car of mine - this is the first Lexus I have owned.

I returned the car to the dealer and a wheel alignment was carried out. I understand a wheel alignment was also

done prior to me purchasing the car and driving away. Following the second wheel alignment I have noticed a

slight improvement however I believe it is still not acceptable. The dealer (not Lexus dealer) has indicated that

they are satisfied with the outcome. But I do not fully agree.

Is there anyone out there who has experienced a similar situation? Or any advice you can give me regarding

the 'feel' when motoring in different environments that is a Lexus ride?

I recently drove a VW l.5tonne van on the same roads with no issues at all. I have also driven a Toyota Yaris

on similar road surfaces and experienced smooth handling with the steering wheel.

I appreciate any feedback you can give me.



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G'day Stanos. Welcome to the club and congratulations on your RX.

There are a couple of things I'd check in relation to your handling problem. First, ensure all tyres are at the correct pressure. This should have been done when the alignment was done, but you never know.

Second, the RX wheel alignment must be done on both the front and back wheels. Again, you would expect that the alignment people did this, but it pays to make sure.

Third, are the shock absorbers in good condition? They should be given the young age of your car.

Lastly, is there any noise coming from the suspension which could indicate a loose or broken mounting bolt or similar?

Good luck sorting this out - let us know what you find.

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You should probably take it to a lexus service centre, give you peace of mind its done right. Plus they would be able to tell if it drives normal or not.
I've had experience with dealers and other independent mechanics who have no idea about what they are doing on a lexus.

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The dealer is so full of it if what you are saying is true. Have the checked the brakes themselves to see if brake force distribution is equal (ie one pad being too strong with its force)? Also the brake lines (could even be something stupidly simple as air in the lines). Chances are the brakes themselves are the issue.

Any suspension issues? The wheel alignment would mask this issue

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