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Isf Using Oil.

Peter G

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Hi guys, i did a couple of track days with the ISF and must admit it was great. I had the vehicle checked over from Lexus and the car came back with a good report. One thing was that they advised that they put approximately 1.5 litres of engine oil in it to top it up. It had done 12000 kms from the previous service and when i asked if this was normal their response was yes, it is normal for the car to use this amount of oil. I did not have any low warning lights come up or anything as i said i just put it in for a check up. Has anyone else experienced anything similar??

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I have done some more following up with this and it is normal for the vehicle to use approximately 1 litre for approximately 10 tanks of petrol. The engine is specifically designed to use a bit to help lubricate the internals especially at higher RPM.

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This is really good to know. But how does it use the oil? Surely it's not burnt?

easiest way to put it

an engine uses engine oil to lubricate itself

as the engine temp goes up the oil temp goes up too obviously due to the large amount of moving metal

once the engine oil reaches certain temp the oil starts breaking down

for the guys who do regular track days and drive their car a bit more spirited manner the engine oil temp will be higher than those who drive their car normally

so the oil break down may occur sooner

in my case i dont even notice it as i change my oil every 5-7K

but loosing oil after 12K seems quite normal for a isf

this is not abnormal for any sports car that s been driven properly

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Thats fair enough but even though the oil has broken down it should still be in the engine. The volume should still be the same or similar its just the the oil is not as good for the engine.

How I have been understanding from the other post is the volume is reduced.

The only way this can happen if its burnt or leaking from the engine seals/gaskets?

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