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4Grfse Engine Swap On The Roll


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Hey guy's I'm new here and wanted to say g'day. I'm keen to share my experiences so far with my 4GR-FSE powered track car build if you could point me to a good place to start a thread. I've got some nice pics of these engines to share with you. Still in early days and Engine is tight squeen in a Corolla engine bay. Wish me luck!

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Hey! I've got 2 dead 2GR's and a fully dressed 4GRFSE to play with, umming and arring what to do. I had done all my measurements originally off a 2GRFE, and the mechanical drive fuel pump has been quite an obsticale when it comes to brake boosters in my granny spec KE70 corolla.

I think the shear mass of the loom and the smartkey means that the easiest way to go is to get it to run is an adaptronic E1280 ECU for the injection and lose about 10kg of wiring and regain and under the dash fitment of the ecu. I've got all the bits to make the engine run, but I think fault code city with a W58 will be too much of a battle.

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Yeah, can run the quad VVTi and 12 injectors fully sequentially. I'll delete the direct injection if it becomes too much of an issue and just run port injection, at WOT on the race track I don't think the direct injection is going to help efficiency!

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The direct injection helps in other ways, for example it does give a bit of anti knock properties because of the cooling effect of direct into cylinder. There is a good explanation of all things Toyota Injection on this post.


I would run the direct injection only rather than the port injection if given the choice.

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After seeing the carbon buildup many owners have run into I figured port injection would be a good way to go, 100 octane and a good tune it'd run great. I'm so dissapointed with the length of the engine I might end up sellling it and getting an aurion engine yet.

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