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Is 2010+ Is250 Still Suffering Carbon Build Up?

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Hi guys,

I recently bought 2014 IS250 and found out shortly after the purchase that IS250 has been suffering carbon build up especially early models 2006-2010.

I read many posts and learned that Lexus actually recalled early models to fix the problem by changing piston rings and started using new piston rings for 2010+ models.

I have seen many people saying that the replacement of piston rings are just delaying the issues but not a fix and what Lexus is trying to do is only delaying the problem to out of warranty period.

I know maybe it is too early to worry about the issue as it will not happen in years time but I want to know what Lexus has done to fix carbon build up issues for 2010+ IS250 is actually right thing and whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Some say recent DI engine has done something on valve timing to prevent the issues but I am not still convinced as Lexus has actually put D4-S Engine for IS350 and some other models which is combination of direct injection and port injection but not for IS250.

My common sense is telling me that the car is pretty much rebuilt from inside out but the power train and Lexus is not stupid enough to put problematic engine in the cars which might jeopardise their efforts and reputation.

This is my first brand new car in my life and I want to be sure the car I bought does not have crappy engine with common issue not fixed.

For worst case scenario maybe I need to be prepared to spend $$$ to clean engine head in years time :(

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Toyota make a specific injector cleaner for their direct injection engines. Part number is 08813-00830. Run a bottle through every service if you're concerned (I use it in my Altezza 3SGE & it works very well). Also running the engine on 98 octane helps reduce carbon build up

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