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Lexus Isf Hks Ssm Axle Back Exhaust Review


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Hi All

I recently put on a HKS SSM Exhaust on my MY11 F and thought I would share my opinion of the exhaust with you all incase anyone is looking at doing the same.

As soon as the exhuast was fitted, I took it for a drive as one would do. First thing i realised was that interior cabin sounds was quiter than stock and less drone than stock (I personally think the stock system has a tiny amount of drone). Drone was one of my largest issues as on my 08 ISF i installed a ISS Forged DES and felt that it droned to much to my to my liking and I sold the exhaust a few week after it was installed. Also the HKS SSM has a lovely pur when cruising around at lower RPMs.

Now... once you give the pedal a good punch, you can hear alot of induction from inside the cabin as we all do but from the outside of the car, the Exhuast sounds GREAT. Sounds like there is alot of back pressure and sounds much deeper than stock. Exhaust currently does not really RASP as I have not changed the mid pipe yet. (next thing to do)

Over the month, the exhuast has got a bit deeper but still no drone at all.

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Just did a 2nd cat delete and change the mid muffler to a 3" res. Car is abit louder with NO DRONE. Has abit more rumble to it at bottom end with a little bit of rasp between 5-7k rpm. Very Happy!!!

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