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3Is Remote Windows Up/down Function Disabled

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As with the 2IS I was able to use the remote the auto wind the windows down and up by holding the unlock / lock button.

Unfortunately this is not currently activated on the 3IS models. I did read in the manual though that it requires you to take it to the dealer for them to activate.

Does anyone know how to set this up on the 3IS models rather than having to take it to the dealer?

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Earlier 2IS models could have the key fob operation of windows configured by the owner. Later 2IS models could only have this feature configured by the dealer:


And so it is with the 3IS

It's for safety reasons, of course. I vaguely recall reading a story about an incident (an RX in the US?) where a child's head got caught in a window when the key fob was operated without the operator actually looking at the car at the time. By needing to take your car to a dealer to have this configured, you will presumably be made to think twice about implementing the feature.

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