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Stalling Issue

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Hi, I had a similar problem with my SC430. I had noticed that there was a loud sucking noise when ever I put fuel in her. I understood from this that the fuel tank was not venting correctly. As it turned out in my case, this fuel cap , which is just a one way valve was not letting air in to replace fuel used when the car was running. This was not an issue on short hops as the car often sits for a week or so in the garage between uses. on longer trips of say 30 k or more it would just miss and stall even with plenty of fuel. your solution would be to check the fuel cap by trying to suck air through the underside of the cap with your mouth. If it is really hard replace the cap or do as I did and dismantle it and spray the internal springs and silicon seal with a silicon spray. Good luck and let me know what the outcome is.

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