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Anyone know when Enform is going to be released? When I bought mine it was due early 4th quarter, and the website now says Coming Soon. Which may indicate not available this year at all.

Poor form from Lexus I think.

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It certainly seems delayed.

It appears that Lexus is using a certain local software company as the developer of the Enform apps for Australia. This company has a well-proven product when it comes to mobile navigation; but, with respect, I don't think they are a proven provider of the entire software stack (mobile app, Web platform and in-car application) for in-vehicle online applications.

My guess is that development and testing of the software is behind schedule.

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Anyone know when Enform is going to be released? When I bought mine it was due early 4th quarter, and the website now says Coming Soon. Which may indicate not available this year at all.

Now there's no mention of "Enform" on lexus.com.au. (You can still see it on dealer Websites, but they're usually out of date anyway.)

Never mind this year - will it be offered at all?

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The Web page has returned (http://www.lexus.com.au/enform), re-stating the scheduled release for "late 2013".

This 5 November news article suggests a release in December:


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Update from Lexus Australia re Enform:

Thank you for contacting Lexus Australia we apologise for the delay in getting back to you.
At the present time the launch for Enform is scheduled for early December.
Please speak with your dealership to get clarity on Enform and the next steps to be completed.
If you have any other questions feel free contact us.

Kind regards,

Lexus Customer Assistance Centre

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The Enform app for Android now appears to be available for download on Google Play.

I'm still waiting for the iOS version to appear on iTunes.

I understand the in-car system will also need a firmware upgrade before it can use Enform.

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Yes I was looking for it in the App Store not long ago.

I'll make some calls tomorrow and find out about the IOS version.

I suspect the iOS version will take a few more days. Chances are, they were uploaded to both Google Play and App Store at the same time, but Apple has to vet every app before it's released to the public.
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Dealers have now said not available until early next year.

Which now means it has been pushed back originally from September to Q4 to now early next year, and gives me no confidence it will even happen early next year.

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I'm wondering if the delayed release of Enform has anything to do with the trouble a lot of US people are experiencing with their navigation/radio units?

There's lots of talk on clublexus in the 3IS forums of navigation and menu-accessing related lagging. The fixes for them have been software updates, which in a few cases have ended up crashing the systems altogether and destroyed the firmware/hardware. The fix at the moment is having their entire radio/navigation units replaced that have the original software installed, which still feature the sporadic crashing.

I also wonder if our units come with the same software and are experiencing similar issues? Maybe Lexus is waiting until they get on top of all that? Maybe it's not related? I don't know, just seems strange that Enform is constantly being pushed back and there is known problems overseas with the infotainment systems....

Has anyone here had any issues?

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There has already been a number of releases of the infotainment system firmware between the release of the first cars in May, and the last release before the Enform update for Australia. On my system, I do see some lag while syncing with my smartphone, but it's fairly good after that. It's only rebooted once during driving, but that's little different to the two other Toyota/Lexus vehicles I've owned in the past eight years.

The Enform software for Australia is built by an Australian intelligent transport systems software and services company. There was a full two-week delay between the Android app release and the iOS app release, suggesting that Apple had some issues with the design of the smartphone app. As an enterprise software developer, I suspect a few possible reasons for the initial delay of around three months (this is only speculation):

  • Complexity of a solution that requires sourcing services from a number of providers, including Google, MotorMouth, Bureau of Meteorology, Sensis, HERE (Nokia/Navteq - maps provider) and a call centre provider for Destination Assist and Enform Concierge
  • Developer's apparent inexperience in building telematics software involving a smartphone app
  • Frequent updates to the underlying infotainment firmware platform (i.e., the software giving grief to CL members) requiring re-work and re-testing by the Australian developer
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I've managed to get a few screen shots from a "test drive" of the new Lexus Enform.

Let's first look at the app. After downloading it (in my case, the iOS version from iTunes), the user is required to sign up, entering their personal details as well as some vehicle details (licence plate number and part of the VIN). After agreeing to a lengthy set of terms and conditions (no unexpected surprises, IMO), the app is ready for use.

The user interface of the app doesn't have to be used very much, if you're just interested in Enform features such as Fuel Finder and Weather. The in-car nav system simply uses your phone as a means of connecting to the Internet. The Destination Download feature, however, lets you use your phone somewhere away from your car to find a desired location, and then set up the phone to plot that destination in the nav system once you're in your car. That will save a few minutes of idling and using that pesky Remote Touch interface to enter an address.


Here, I've entered "Sydney City Lexus" and a number of destinations appear. There's a small number of matches to Enform's address book, so I can just click on the markers and find out which location I'm really interested in.


It's not without its shortcomings. Type in something as seemingly unambiguous as "Westfield Chatswood", and look how many markers appear in such a small space! Which "Westfield Chatswood" do I really want?

Fortunately, there's a list view:


The saved destination is automatically uploaded to the vehicle when you switch on the nav system and the smartphone is nearby. There's no interaction required on the phone at this time - in fact, true to Lexus safety design, you can't do anything with the Enform app:


Now, let's look at the nav system console. What's the weather like today?


And the forecast for this week - the temperatures and brief forecasts are identical to what you'd see on the official Bureau of Meterorology Website:


Fuel Finder is a great in-car adaptation of the MotorMouth Website. Here's the cheapest locations in the local area for 98-octane unleaded fuel:


I'll update this forum further after I have a closer look at Enform.

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Great write up Lexus Nerd.

Did everyone with a new gen IS get an email from Lexus Aust today?

Enform is on and dealers will be contacting owners to book firmware upgrades for your IS in the new year.

Yep got the email.

Give me a call early in the NY to book in.

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