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Fog Light Change


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Hey All,

Just wanted to see if anyone here has changed they fog light
bulbs? I want to change them to something that matches the standard beam
headlights. I was thinking of heading down to autobarn to pick up some bulbs but
wanted to know if anyone has used LEDs and are they any good?

Secondly how hard is it to access the bulbs? Can anyone link
me to a tutorial on how to change them?


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Read this thread:


The MY14 ISF comes with LED fog lamps and they are direct plug and play with older model ISF's. It is replacing the whole fog light and not just the bulb. Fairly cheap at $113USD each side from Sewell in the States.

As for installation just lifting the front plastic inner wheel guards is enough space for you to gain access to do the switch over (Clips and screws). The whole fog light is held in with just 1 screw, pretty easy job.

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Hey revolution,

Thanks for the help I'll deffs check it out. I'm not sure if I'll upgrade to the LED's yet.... I dont have the DRL to match. But still its good info on how to access the bulb. Have you done this upgrade yourself? Do you get more visability with the LED's if you did?


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Hi Gordo,

No luck.... I got side tracked then next thing I knew I'm in Japan for work for up to a year. Sorry..... Can't wait to get back home to get back in the F tho! Miss it dearly!

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