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2007 Is250 Drinking Oil Fast! =(

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So I did an oil change myself in mid July 2013, using Nulon 5w30 full synthetic oil. Unfortunately I thought those universal belt type oil wrenches were able to do the job in removing the oil cap. After draining out the old oil, I realised that I was wrong. I was not able to get the filter out.

I have since then got myself a proper Toyota filter wrench, but the car has been running the contaminated oil with the old filter.

The oil was put in at 115,735km (it was only a 6L pack, but the oil did go all the way to full when testing the dip stick several times). I started getting a warning alarm at 120,333km this weekend, which is just shy of 4 months.

The dip stick has confirmed that the oil level is sitting below the minimum mark.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? I’m very worried that there might be a very costly problem with my car. :( :( :(

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I know they burn oil naturally like all other Toyota engines but that is a bit fast. Did you recheck it after a start when you did the oil change? I wouldn't panic though. Try refilling with a thicker oil like Edge 10w/60. I use that stuff religiously with my IS250, 350rwkw MR2 turbo & mild port single turbo FD RX7. All of those engines naturally burn oil, but I check/top up if required every month & they all run like clockwork. Just part of being a responsible owner

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You're not alone here because I have the same issue. It seems like mine starts to run dry at around the 5k mark as well..

using 10/30 Castrol Magnatec Professional.

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I was using a Nulon 5-30w (changing oil every 12 months) and the same was happening to me, now I have switched to Toyota 5-30W (mineral i think) every 6 months and it looks promising after 3k. Also I noticed you used 6l, you need around 6.3l of oil to fill her up (inc Filter) so I suspect you may have under filled a little initially.

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