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I have just had to call roadside assistance again for the 2nd time in the last 6 months due to a battery issue.

The first time, about 1 month after having the car brand new, the battery was completely dead and was replaced. Luckily the doors were unlocked.

The second time, I've gone to open the car with the remote and no response and the doors are locked.

Has anyone else with the 3IS found a similar issue? What could be draining the battery so much?

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Update: after opening the car with the key (remove from fob), i can hear a ticking noise behind the dash. It sounds as though it is coming from the sliding dial or that general area.

Update 2: NRMA has just tested and replaced the battery. It turned out as a faulty battery and failed multiple tests.

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I think you could have a problem, something is discharging your battery.

Is the car driven daily? Are you doing very short trips? If you have a multimeter keep checking the battery before you start the car and note the voltage readings.

I'm sure the NRMA guy would have checked the charging system in your car.

I can't see how the NRMA load checked the battery, you can't do that unless the battery is fully charged.

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I once had a random parasitic battery drain on a car. About 2 - 4 times a year, the battery will go completely flat (< 12v when measured with a multimeter). The drain will go away after the car is restarted. Sometimes the drain will go away even when the battery is bench charged and reattached to the car, without restarting. Knowing that unless the perpetrator was caught in the act, the auto electrician will just take my cash, promise all is well but problem will still be there. Drove me insane for 2-3 years.

One day, the culprit was finally caught in the act. NRMA guy arrived and his instinct is to jump start the car and check the charging system. Instead of that, I asked him to hook up the jump start pack and use his current clamp to check for drain. Sure enough, the alternator was draining the battery. So car is jump started and off to the auto electrician. Even with that information, the auto electrician said it took ages to identify the problem when he bench tested the alternator. I probably should have just called a tow truck.

Anyway, hope it is only the battery and not something more annoying.

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Did the Auto elec diagnose the problem?

I went for a drive today, stopped for 5 mins then wouldnt turn over, starter motor wouldnt even turn, just tick...

I suspect its just a dead cell in the battery & hopefully not alternator.

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