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Hey guys just need some advice on lowering my car I've never done it before but after a while of debating I want to do it but do it right... I'm trying to get the 'guard slightly above tyre' look without having to roll my guards...

I've thinking of two options to lower my car...

1- F-sport springs and shocks (Around $1200ish excluding installation)

2- BC BR Coilovers ($1200ish excluding install)

I understand that coilovers will give me adjustable height but I'm not sure what else I'll need in regards to camber and all that stuff... I thought about changing just the springs to F-sport ones but understand that my comfortable ride will be sacrificed without getting the shocks..

Question is really... what's the best way to lower the car without sacrificing ride comfort and without having to worry about possible future problems? If that makes any sense... lol.

Please help! haha

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Just go BC coilovers. I've heard comfort is just as good as the stock setup, and it's adjustable.

It's also a 95% chance that you'll regret the spring/shock setup and just get Coilovers in the end anyway so just save the trouble and money now.

If money isn't a problem, then go for KW V3's - They are awesome, awesome coilovers.

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I have Fsport shocks and springs on my IS250.

On 19 inch Fsport full face rims.

The car handles beautifully. and would have been much more comfortable then coilovers.

Guard just over the tyre. Never had rubbing issues or issues with speed bumps. (1 inch drop from standard)

I had the recommended tyres by Lexus: 225/35/19 Front and 255/35/19 Rear

See the pics for the ride height.

Car is now sold. So I have the Fsport shocks, springs, rims and tyres for sale soon.

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Bilstein shocks with Eibach springs.30-35mm drop.This setup will transform the car,it'll handle like it's on rails with minimal sacrifice in ride comfort.

+1 for Eibach springs. Love the reasonable price, comfort and the drop. I combine with original shock wasn't to bad at all.

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