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Gs450H Performance Improvements?


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Hi guys,

First post......looking at getting either a 06/07 GS430 or GS450H in the near future. Love the power and economy of the 450H but wanting to mod it if this becomes the choice.

I understand accelerator modules dont work on these vehicles going by what has been said on some Yank forums.

Are there any powerchips on the market that could release that electrical torque harder/quicker/stronger?

Is there anyone that could develop such a product locally? Happy to be a guinea pig.

The GS450H runs the 2GR engine......same as the Aurion TRD.

Therefore if I was to install the TRD supercharger from the Aurion onto the 2GR engine of the Lexus, would a custom ECU be all thats required to get it performing right?

Open to ideas and suggestions to sway me either way.

Is there a way to release the electrical component for the Hybrid drive/system quicker/harder/upgrade it?

These vehicle do a 13.5 second quarter mile.....I beleive it could easily get into the mid 12's with a few mods.....appreciate any info anyone can share.

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