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Gs430 Performance Mods

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Hi guys,

as mentioned in the other thread, contemplating either an 06/07 GS450H or a GS430 in the near future. Wanting to mod it as none of my cars remain standard.

What performance mods have other done to these 2UZ engines?

1. Exhaust - pretty sure you can get headers and then make up the rest of the exhaust system locally.

2. Chips - does anyone make a performance chip for this engine.

3. Supercharging - I know Bullet Performance makes a low and high rise manifold for the 1UZ with supercharger. Ive spoken with them and they can provide a 3UZ manifold which would fit. Heres an image of the high rise manifold -


I was hoping to cut the bugcatcher out of the bonnet....why you may ask? why not, something different.

What concerns me thou is some Yank Forums state the 2UZ uses much thinner conrods than the 1UZ, thou the blower kits quote 500hp at the flywheel, so the thinner conrods must be strong enough to handle this sort of power.

4. Turbocharging - I know the owner of a local turbocharging business and a custom turbo setup is also an option to boost the power/torque with an aftermaret ECU.

What have others done here? appreciate any info/tips or leads.

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