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Future Lexus Gs Owner - 430 Versus 450H?


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Hi Guys,

Looking at a 06/07 GS in near future. Cant fully decide between the 430 or the 450H.

Would appreciate some feedback from those that can offer it.

Either one will be modified.

GS430 - Pro's and Cons

Pro's - V8, performance mods more accesible and doable

Con's - economy, supposedly they have thinner conrods than 1UZ's and can't handle too much forced induction.

GS430H - Pro's and Cons

Pro's - Huge Power and Torque, Great Fuel Economy

Con's - too quite/no decent exhaust note, no one makes performance mods for the hybrid drive.

Can the 2GR TRD Supercharger be made to work on the 2GR of the 450H The torque increase would be awesome!

Thanks for the opportuity to share my dilema.....LOL B)

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