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hey all ive been lurking here for a while but never posted as i was never going to touch my IS250 lol it was the sensible driver..... that lasted some amount of time before the itch set in

this is when i got her just over a year and a half ago and with only 70K on the clock i used to drive 350ks a day for work hence why i bought my baby


the car is a prestige with an enhancement pack added

current mods

17" alloy upgrade (sitting in shed ill get around to it later)

Front grooved rotors brembo pads

axle back exhaust with twin 6" cannons looks factory sounds amazing


the poor car is now at 142k's going strong engine wise but is a little worse for wear here and there.

things to do

replace shocks as they are leaking(will Prob go lower)

put the new 17" on

rear brake upgrade

clean up interior

investigate more on why my ML sub decided to say bye

fix anoying dash rattle

fix L/F door speaker rattle

and if the mrs gets her way say bye bye to my Exhaust system for a factory one again

photo from about a month ago after i washed her


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