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Hi All - I am an inspiring Lexus driver but haven’t gotten there yet.

I thought this sight may have the answers to assist in my decision making
drawing on the knowledge of experienced Lexus Legends.

I am about to pull the trigger on an RX400H 2008 model with app 90,000km.

I am not afraid of the age or the km's driven as the Lexus reputation can
clearly be seen in cars much older.

However I have concern with the Hybrid system, especially the failing of
either electrical motors and the potential ongoing maintenance/repair costs.

Any thoughts or points that I should be aware of would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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good day mate welcome to the club

havent really seen many RX's with any problems reallly

even the 400h

maybe the battery is up for replacement soon

but they do have a 8yr warranty

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A recent study of used vehicles in the US (based on number of defects found at trade-in) has found the Toyota Prius platform as one of the top ten most reliable platforms. (Toyota/Lexus had five other platforms on that list.)

"Fewer than 4 percent of Prii that are traded-in exhibit any type of serious mechanical issue, and that includes problems with the hybrid battery. While the older Honda Civic Hybrid and Accord hybrid have all experienced substantial battery wear ..."

While the RX wasn't specifically listed, you can at least be assured that the intuitive fear of battery degradation shouldn't be a factor when buying a car with Toyota's hybrid technology.

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