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Not Enough Air Through The Vents

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Hi guys

Is anyone experiencing a reduced amount of air coming through their vents?

I’ve got 2008 Prestige and have been using the A/C on the highest fan setting (re-circulating
and fresh), and it seems the amount of air has been reduced. Temperature is
fine but it’s just blowing hard enough.

Can anyone shed some light?

Thanks guys in advance for your help

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Try closing off the rear passenger vents located behind your center console.

If that's still not strong enough, close off the front passenger vents.

But I agree, the air coming out of the vents esp when all vents are open is ridiculously weak on max.

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Thanks guys for all your help. I replaced the cabin filter and now blowing nice and strong.

Managed to purchase one from Melb City Lexus for $39. They even delivered to my home free of charge on the same day.

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