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Hi guys,
sorry if it's a stupid question but i'm due for a 75,000km service soon and was wondering if i should put stock parts back on before i hand it in?
mods im worried about are the rims with stretched tyres and aftermarket hids which apparently are not roadworthy?
thanks for any input

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They should still be able to service it, but if I'm right, the service centre will put an observation on the service completion report about the condition of the tyres.

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The 75,000 km service involves removing the back seat to replace the fuel filter. This will usually make the service more expensive than any of your previous services, unless the non-Toyota/Lexus service centre miscalculates the effort required.

Do ensure you get quotes from various Lexus (or even Toyota) service centres, as prices can vary significantly for this service in particular.

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I am not sure how you feel about this, DR concepts in Ferntree Gully is much cheaper and he is the best mechanic I have ever met, I have taken all my cars there, he just loves his work.

So far he has

Rebuilt s2000 gear box

Installed is250 clutch

Serviced many cars for me and my colleagues

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