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Hi all,

A few weeks ago I ran out of fuel on the way to work! The fuel light didn't even come on, and I still had just under quarter tank left and approx. range was still 83km (see attached photo).

Now this wasn't the first time either! About a year ago, I had the same issue but thought it was just a once off and it was due to my lack of attention (I believe the fuel light did come on but only moments before the car died on me). See attached photo.

I called up Lexus Kedron (current service dealer) a few days after the 2nd encounter and they seem to think there's an issue with the float. Apparently for the 75,000km service (done by Lexus Indooroopilly) they replace the fuel filter and may have been affected during this time.

I've expressed a few times on here before about my dissatisfaction with Lexus Indooroopilly regarding customer service, over pricing etc. and now this has cemented my unhappiness with them. Based on my experiences they are just concerned with the money and not very customer based at all.

Anyway, Lexus Kedron have told me to bring it in on Monday to have a look at. Offered a loan car as they always do, at no extra cost, even though I've been out of warranty for quite some time now (something Indooroopilly would never budge on).

Has this ever happened or have you heard of this issue before? I'll keep you all posted on the outcome.



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As a sanity check, keep track of how many kms you done after last refill, until you are confident that the situation has been fully resolved. I reset the odometer at every refill regardless so I know if there is a sudden change in the health of the vehicle.

In the past, this procedure has helped me in identifying problems with other cars:

A thermostat stuck open causing the engine not fully warmed up, causing 20% increase in fuel consumption.

Dropping several fuel caps onto the ground during refilling which broke the vapour seal inside the fuel cap, causing fumes and $$$ escaping from the thank.

Having a fuel level sender float occasionally stuck on very hot days indicating low fuel level when the tank is 3/4 full.

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I think I may be having the same or similar issue.

Recently had the 75,000 km service done by my independent mechanic (http://au.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/12569-2is-75k-service/?p=46462); using genuine lexus filters.

When my dad went to fill it up with petrol. The gauge read only 3/4 full, even though it was a full tank.

Have you sorted out this issue? If so, what was the diagnosis?

I believe the fuel level sensor is integrated somehow with the in-tank fuel filter (replaced in the service).

Gonna take it back to my mechanic tomorrow. So hopefully he sorts it out.

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You can't fill up the tank too much, a lot of people like to keep filling the tank to MAXIMUM despite the click from the nozzle cut off the filling. It frequently happened to some of my friends who drives Honda, Nissan vehicle and it is a common problem becuz I witnessed them all.

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So I took my car back to the mechanic today. Right before dropping the car off, filled it up with a full tank; and still read on 3/4 full. Anyway, my mechanic said he just dismantled everything such as the fuel filter housing, and the other things involved such as the fuel level sensor. Then put it all back together, and it was reading correctly. I'll keep monitoring the fuel readings and the consumptions.

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Mam1, I am having an identical issue on a 2012 IS350C. Fuel gauge registers quarter tank, ran out of gas in the middle of the Interstate. Exactly the same thing happened about a year ago. What did yours turn out to be? What was the fix?

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