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Have a 2003 GS300 L-Tuned, great car though vertually zero info on them. Was aware of some simple cosmetic mods, the odd performance, suspension mods and interior badging mods.
I recently had a tree branch smash the rear windscreen and now trying to get a replacement, L-Tuned has a different skew number though Lexus can't tell me whats different. Lexus no longer make the glass and the aftermarket for the GS300 I have been advised has an arial of some sort in the top thats different and plug positions are different.

I can't think for the life of me what would be different or what is different in the car to the base model to explain a different glass. Anyone with some info would be most appreciated, even if anyone could supply some pics of a stock GS window and a L-Tuned one if someone on here with one, could email or mms to me.



0416 656 528

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