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Does Carbon Build Up Issue Affect Australian Is250's?

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I keep reading more and more carbon build up problems on the Lexus USA forums but hardly hear a thing here about it here. I'm just wondering if we were plagued with the same issues?

Should I use an injector cleaner just to be on the safe side?

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I've been told to always use 98 fuel as there are different/better detergents/cleaning agents in this fuel that is not in 95.It wouldnt hurt to run a decent injector cleaner every 12 mths or so.Subaru do a good upper cylinder cleaner.

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Yes it does affect Australian is250s

Injector clean won't do much if you're already feeling the affects of carbon build up aka drop in revs, misfire etc.

Best to use a intake valve cleaner as tony mentioned.

I've had the issue with my is250, i ended up taking off the intake manifold used liqui moly intake valve cleaner, brushed off most of the gunk thats building on the valves and vacuumed it out

To minimize further build up i've installed an oil catch can to catch and blow by oil...lol

Wish we had the recall that they have in the states =(

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At the stealership a carbon clean will most likely consist of upper cylinder head cleaner sprayed into the intake manifold, letting it sit, starting the car and revving at 2500 RPM and spraying more into the intake manifold at short intervals. This should hopefully clean the small butterfly valves and the intake valves within the ports.

Upper cylinder head cleaner can also be sprayed before the throttle body to clean the throttle body itself.

I wouldn't worry too much about the MAF sensor as it sits behind the air filter and infront of any blow by oil. I took a look into myself the other day there is very minimal dirt/grim on it and mines a 2007, but is saying so, it doesn't hurt to give it a clean.

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The issue is found in most direct injection engines. Should you choose to change your own oil, be careful about what you use. A 5W-30 may sound better, but produce more deposits than a 10W-30 due to the higher proportion of additives. Certain brands also produce more carbon (including Mobil 1).

My research suggests that Lexus USA had no choice but to change the piston rings. They couldn't tell people to switch to a 10W oil due to fuel conservation laws.

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the subaru one doesnt do alot. The bg fuel and intake clean is great. I get my mechanic to do it every 10000kms and smoke/ Carbon build up POURS out the exhaust. And a MASSIVE difference is felt. see video below. obviously they dont show you the smoke pouring out for legal reasons. but it really does work.

call Eric on 0410 810 313

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