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This is a hot tip for all of those who have burnt cd's in their stacker.

I was prepping my car to be sold and the LAST thing to do was to take out all my cd's/dvd's. It was working and playing dvds fine when I demo'd it to the purchaser yesterday but when I went to take out the LAST DVD (the others ejected fine) it jammed!

One of the last DVD's (burnt) that came out had most of the white material on the top of the DVD flake off causing the unit to jam.They had been in there for about 5.5 years. It just kept trying to eject the dvd continuously so I had to fix it.

It took me 2.5 hours to remove the system, open and clean it up and put it all back together! At least I don't have to buy a new changer.

In any case, eject those DVD's and check them and make sure you buy good cd/dvd media!

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