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Top Gear Festival Sydney

Lexus Nerd

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Who went to the Top Gear Festival last weekend?

Certainly, there was two days of perfect weather for an outdoor car show. For me, the opportunity to actually see supercars perform the way they're designed made this kind of show stand out from the traditional motor show. Sure, I couldn't get up close to everyday car models and find out, say, just how overrated Infiniti interiors really are. Instead, there was the aural and visual spectacle of seeing some of the world's finest cars ... and learning, say, that an R8's engine is overrated.

For Lexus fans, there was the opportunity of seeing Jeremy Clarkson drive an LFA. (I missed that bit - did anyone else watch it?). Besides the Lexus safety car, it was probably the only exposure Lexus had - but perhaps it was better value for Lexus than doubling their floor space at the Sydney Convention Centre.

What are your thoughts? Was it better than a traditional motor show? Would you go again?

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the LFA run was only one lap so you really didn't miss out on much.. I also raced back to see that and was expecting a little more ;(

after seeing the drifters sliding past at alteast 180-220 down the main straight everything else seemed pretty tame! (apart from the top fuel/f1 session)

all in all it was a good day out and anyone who has ANY interest in cars would love it - but I don't think I will be back, 3x top gear live events and 1x festival is enough for me - bring on the next lexus track day though I honestly cannot wait to do it again!

also how was your experience entering/exiting the event? the entry was horrible, police blocking brabham drive creating mass confusion (and a few car accidents I witnessed) not many signs or instructions but worked out I had to go via peter brock drive, exit we left just after 3:30pm to avoid chaos..

and no, I prefer the traditional motor show.. miss it :(

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It was a pretty good festival, variety of cars/clubs up on the hill and supercars along the garage, and deus ex section was good as well.

Food/drinks was expensive and bad though.

I captured a video of Jeremy racing the LFA against the rocket which was pretty cool I guess, just hearing the v10 note is always a good thing.

Also what made it better was being in pitlane with 3fingersneat/Blazeunit and the Bacchus guys getting to see everything go by upclose.

I'd say as a whole it's a good format, something for nearly everybody. There were people who had never seen drifting before or supercars that close either.
I know the parents I spoke to were excited that their kids could see up close a drift car.

^entered at 9:30 and exited at 4:30, all fine for me, no queues or traffic (prepaid), though I came from the quiet side along ferrers road.

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