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Hi guys,

After unsuccessfully trying to win Dannys F-Sport wheels on eBay (out snipped at 1 second left :( ), I'm looking for something else.

Can anyone suggest any wheels that would look good on a standard dark grey IS?

I'm currently considering these styles: 1.




Lexus OEM American F-Sport wheels:


(Car owned by Gibbzy on the forums)

I think costs are fairly similar, F-Sport being a few hundred more. Any other suggestions would be appreciated too :)

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Hey there. I'm New to this forum but as a recent is250 buyer of the same colour I have exactly same dilemma. Been trying to choose wheels for weeks. Think it is a personal choice unfortunately. Grey seems to be a bit harder than other colours. But would be happy to look at some suggestions. So will follow this thread with interest. Let me know if you choose in mean time! Cheers.

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I'm still further than even from choosing lol, every time I make a choice I realise that it's so much money and back off but then I see a car with wheels and I want to get them again.

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it is definately a personal choice (both tastes and budget), it will come down to what kind of car you want to build, be it track inspired, stanced, classy etc...

safest colour for a grey IS would be silver or polished in my opinion.

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Depends on the kind of look you're after:

Young, trendy & "racey" - Gunmetal, dark blue, black or white

Lexus "classy" - silver or polished

Honestly, I think something silver would look best in nice sizes/offsets.

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