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Rx350 Tailgate Height

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I've seen this on an America forum, but not here, so I thought about sharing the issue and the solution.

RX350 doesn't have a height adjustment for the tailgate. The bigger issue is when opening the tailgate inside a standard height garage.

If you not careful you will scratch the tailgate even if you have the garage door height set at its maximum, at least with a panel lift door. Thos with roller doors may not have a problem if you get the car in for enough.

Anyway, my wife came up with the idea of placing some sponges, the type to use with car washing attached (nice and thick) to the panel door with fishing line. Works fine for us in manual mode and using the power door on mode.

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G'day Bomber, welcome to the forum. I have the same problem at my office - there's a fire sprinkler pipe right above my bay, so I have to e super-careful opening the tailgate. I keep meaning to take some sponge rubber to work to pad it. Thanks for the reminder. :)

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